Recording info 

for self tittled release Andrew Appletree & Dragonfly 



Andrew Appletree Self Tittled Release 

"1st Albubm"

Produced by Andrew Appletree 

USA Co Preducers Steve Connelly & Andrew Appletree 

Uruguay Co Preducers Andrew Appletree , Martin D'Alessandro &  Ricardo “Lechuga” Rodriguez  

Recorded by Steve Connelly @ ZEN Recording & Martin D'Alessandro @ La batuta Uruguay   at ZEN Recording  USA & La batuta Uruguay

PRE MIX  Martin D'Alessandro &  Ricardo “Lechuga” Rodriguez  & Andrew Appletree

Mixed by Steve Connelly & Andrew Appletree 

@ ZEN Recording  

Mastered by Steve Connelly @ ZEN Recording 

Graphic DesignNikki Devereux 

Special Thanks To Steve Connelly for the helpon the song structures and for being one of the best musician  i know .

Martin D'Alessandro "well " for being  Martin D'Alessandro! 

Bryan Thompson what a drummer ! KOKO Ray Hanson , Bon Flores, Dean, Samuel & Liliana Stephenson  for all your love & support 

Spechel thanks to David McGough Rick & Jenda Darringer 

 RIP Mom, Betsy & Chelsea  ♱♱♱

Love Andrew


Produced by Andrew Appletree / Mark Stephenson

CoProduced by Stephen Paul Connelly

CoProduced in conjunction with Barry Waddell***

Recorded Live in the Studio @ Zen Recording

Also @ ***Level-D-Green

Mixing By Stephen Paul Connelly 

Engineered/Edited By Stephen Paul Connelly Also Barry Waddell***

Dennis Ristow ***  & Bon Flores on Dragonfly. Mastered @ Sound Lab

Nikki Devereux Cover & Illustrations. Cover Model: Tasha Chamberlain

Cover layout & Design by Andrew Appletree & Nikki Devereux

Special Thanks to Donn Foster for all his preproduction help. 

And Junk Yard Rehearsal Studio - Skully’s Boot Camp .Rock Will Never Die!

& Liliana,Dean,Samuel & River for the love that you give me. R.I.P Mother...

All songs are copyright © 2012 & are the sole property of Andrew Appletree / Mark Stephenson all rights reserved... Love, Peace & God To All.  Andrew Appletree 

© Mark Stephenson/Andrew Appletree 2008-2013