Hommage takes listeners back to a simpler time, but does so with a modern, edgy twist.

…and now you can get Andrew Appletree’s latest album Hommage!

Here’s what others are saying about Andrew Appletree!

Raucous and in-your-face; it is also hooky, infectious and very easy to get into. – Alex Henderson

Rock and roll as raw and real as it gets! – Mike Korn

Nitty, gritty rock ‘n’ roll. Good music for a good time! – Rhonda Readence


Andrew Appletree’s gritty, whiskey-soaked approach is a blend of hard rock and roots rock truly born of the 1960’s. He uses an all-around somewhat darker, macabre sound that makes his music seem perfectly fit for a musical. The music will endear itself to listeners from the opening notes. Appletree’s voice is pleasantly unpolished, hewn from the rough-shod, working class roots that bore rock in the first place. His voice has a deeper, huskier tone to it like that of Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits.

Hommage is a cover album with hit songs from The Stones, to Springfield, Lou Reed and others. Andrew Appletree even tackles “What A Beautiful World” by Lewis Armstrong. Hommage was given the name to commemorate the great songs it is comprised of. Hommage is set for a 4/20/2020 release on his label, Lava Lamp Love Records.

Hommage is a defining album for Andrew, as he embarks on yet another musical journey setting his sights towards the sun.

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