Andrew Appletree

The Story so far…

Andrew Appletree was born and raised in the Chicago area and at the age of 18
moved to North Carolina where he spent the next 18 years , and …
In his late twenties Andrew purchased his first guitar. His discomfort soon turned
comfortable when he found a left-handed model, and the proper teacher. His
hours of practice led to local jam sessions, and eventually to songwriting. Like
many songwriters, Andrew stored away his songs playing them for few friends,
and continued to write. It was around this time that Andrew fell in love with his
future wife Liliana from Uruguay.

Andrew and Lili moved to Florida to study filmmaking and music production and
to start a family. Tragically, a home fire destroyed most of these songs. He
started to write again, and found a local studio to record.

(Zen Recording3851 62nd Ave. North Pinellas Park, FL 33781) With Steve
Connelly as his engineer – Co producer , Andrew cut some demos. A few months
later on a trip with Lili to her native home in Uruguay, Andrew stumbled upon a
recording studio. Turned out to be one of the finest & oldest studios in Uruguay
“La Batuta and met Martin D’Alessandro & Ricardo “Lechuga” Rodriguez
“engineer – Co producer” Andrew set up shop and recruited some Uruguayan
singers and musicians.

Upon returning home to Florida, Andrew took the Tracks back to Zen and
combined the tracks with the earlier recordings, thus the virtual band of Gauchos
was born. Flying back and forth between the studios, Andrew was able to finish
the recording in Uruguay just before they closed their doors for good, at the
original location and plan to reopen in a new location some time in the future so
the final mix was done back in the States.

My influences pink floyd Beatles Springsteen Tom petty Grateful dead all Blues
60 & 70 rock

My Music: Singer song writer mixed with rock & some folk /country
Produced and crafted to my liking with great musicians mixed in and
bring it all alive .
My goals: Are to become a better singer & guitar player and a great song
writer /crafter.